Desaster Strategy

Back-up and More


One system of genioDATA must be available for the customer. The degree of availability is determined by the customer.



This is a system back-up on a daily basis. It is completed at night and stored for a few days. In case a disaster strikes, this back-up will be used to restore the customer's data. At worst, the customer will not lose more than one day's worth of data.



The interval of back-up can be shortened, for example down to once per hour. The customer books this option along with the system or adds it later.



In addition, customers can have their systems backed up from the inside – on file system or application level. The methods available include back-up, synchronization, and archiving.



Changes to the requested back-up concept can be requested in either direction (more extensive or riskier) at any time by the customer. Billing of all service beyond basic back-up is based on the occupied back-up space. Therefore adherence to a time limit is not required.