genioDATA Multiverse

Everybody in his own world


They provide IT-users with complete work environments. Around them, complex subcultures developed – with a language of their own, requirements of their own, their own (class) awareness. The world of others is usually perceived as strange – being forced into another world strongly limits the personal productivity. Skills cannot be applied as they do not comply with this world.



In order to maintain professional efficiency it is indispensable to work in the world one is accustomed to. genioDATA offers just that. Even if a customer is focused on an operating system rarely in use, he should be enabled to use it. genioDATA already offers the five most frequent system families and – on request – will make additional systems accessible and integrate them.



The own world is always bigger than the own skills. Nobody is proficient in all aspects of the favoured operating system. genioDATA offers the customer different management levels. He can administrate his system completely on his own, hand over parts of the administration or outsource the management completely.



Nowadays, virtualization offers a well-developed basis to securely share the highly developed resources of state-of-the-art hardware. Thus it is important for customers to be able to rely on a clear and unambiguous allocation of rented resources. For this purpose, genioDATA uses optimized schedulers. If the selected operating system allows it, resources can be ensured on an extremely sensitive scale, based on fixed values intelligent algorithms (e.g. Solaris). Unshared complete servers are available in case there is a high, continuous need of resources, this includes – on request – virtualisation/zoning; these are dedicated to the customer's exclusive use.