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Being the founder/owner of a small enterprise does not nacessarily come with being an expert in all matters IT. Nevertheless, founders/owners spend a lot of time on dealing with IT issues – valuable time that would be more beneficially dedicated to their company's core business. They do so hoping to cut costs, while they're actually doing the opposite – adding to the risks and costs of their IT; in fact, studies show, they're likely to reduce their venture's chance of succeding.



genioDATA offers ready-to-use system bundles that include a central server at one of genioDATA's data centers as well as laptop(s) for the client (and if need be, for his employees). Both use a carefully defined set of software applications cut to cater to the client's needs.



State-of-the-art encryption technologies allow for safe server-access by the laptop(s) provided. Data stored on the server is replicated regionally (i.e. to another data center) and secured using cluster technology.



It goes without saying that genioDATA offers training, manuals, support – and more.



Server and laptop(s) are rented; period of notice for all contracts is six weeks before the end of the month. This is of particular advantage to founders/owners of mall enterprises who need the flexibilty of short-term contracts.