The Single-User Concept

Data back-up for single workstations


A software application saves data from the subscriber's server to the primary genioDATA data centre. The subscriber configures and monitors this back-up himself. He monitors the transaction and verifies that the back-up has been completed successfully. genioDATA guarantees the accessibility of the data transferred. The primary data centre synchronizes the data with the other genioDATA locations.



The connection between the back-up server and genioDATA data centre uses a highly encrypted VPN tunnel. Without a VPN key, connecting to the data centre server is not possible.



The back-up type is based on client requirements and data types; it either uses synchronization of file-systems and/or databases or state-of-the art back-up software. All mechanisms and applications employed are cross-platformed. Therefore, data back-up and data recovery are available for Solaris, MacOS X, Linux, and Windows.



The client has reading access to the genioDATA server data in his network, as well as to the primary genioDATA data centre. There is a variety of access scenarios available for databases and email archives (please see there).



The client has reading access to his data at the primary genioDATA data centre. The connection to the data centre is redundant and highly accessible making it reliably easy to reach for the client. Separate access authorizations are not implemented by default but can be arranged for upon subscriber request.