Backup IT Up like A Large-Scale Enterprise


An office fire would not only destroy original files, but back-ups stored at the same location as well. Much the same applies in case of water damage, etc., or to any disaster that might strike. Therefore, the means to back-up data off-site, generally in two or more separate locations, is essential.



For safety reasons, there should be multiple back-ups on different media using different back-up methods. A malfunctioning tape drive, for which the manufacturer no longer provides technical support, renders all back-ups performed on this tape drive useless. Even a damaged device driver might indirectly render older back-ups useless. Media may turn out unreadable. Without back-ups on different device types, the risk of losing data remains high.



Often, back-ups need not only to include the latest version of a file, but previous versions as well. Users need to be able to retrieve different versions effortlessly. This requires in-depth knowledge of the back-up software in use because only very few back-up applications are adequately easy-to-use.



Back-ups are often performed at night. Consequently, if the back-up system crashes, only one day's worth of data will be lost. This may not sound grave, however, the loss of certain types of files (such as emails, invoices, orders) presents an invaluable loss. Restoring them indirectly through reconstruction is not possible. An adequate data protection policy needs to include a form of continuous replication.



Back-ups are only as good as the tests used to verify the readability of the backed up data. Not only are regular tests of the restore option of the back-up system necessary, but files need to be restored from back-ups and examined for readability.



A professional data protection concept takes up valuable resources – small or medium-sized companies, in general, can afford neither an adequately trained administrator nor the necessary equipment.
Synergy effects between our clients keep contracts with genioDATA - experienced administrators included – affordable and cost-efficient. Each contract includes an individually customized strategy for protection and accessing of data.