Enterprise-Level Systems Management

Professional system for small- and medium-sized businesses


Every company, every business relies on important data: accounting data, purchase order data, client data bases and many more. A loss of crucial data can inflict serious financial damage or even endanger the existence of a company.
However, professional information technology is a complex topic. It requires experienced experts who are often too expensive for small and medium-sized companies. The most hazardous way of dealing with this problem is a do-it-yourself configuration of the in-house IT "to the best of one’s knowledge".



There are additional requirements that companies need to meet. They are required by law to keep complete archives not only of traditional business correspondence, but also of e-mails in an unalterable form, including proof of correspondence completeness (i.e. access to the logfile of the mail server used). Apart from financial enquiries, banks increasingly request documentation how a company handles its data and secures its future (see Basel II).



genioDATA envisions and deploys data and systems management for small and medium enterprises to enable them to exactly meet the above reqirements and thus ease their way into a safer future.
To achieve this, external data replication into genioDATA data centres is deployed, Desaster Recovery plans and processes are developped and implemented, emails are archived according to governmental requirements, and specialized or full featured systems are run on behalf of the customer with exactly defined services.
Additionally virtual or real servers with Linux, UNIX, MacOS X, xBSD, Windows are rented out. More.
The customer benefits from fixed prices and exactly defined resonse times.



Using a thoroughly engineered and tested data and service management concept every enterprise makes its processes more efficient, gains time for concentrating on the main business, achieves fine results on audits and enhances its standing on financial markets.